Learning Commercial Real Estate by trial & error is costly!

How long and at what cost will it take until you or your personnel are performing like seasoned professionals?

Our Programs are designed to provide you or your personnel with the Confidence, Enthusiasm, and Credibility to be successful in the highly competitive, complex, and challenging business of Commercial Real Estate.

  1. What has been the extent of your training in commercial real estate?
  2. Can you compete effectively with your experienced peer?
  3. What mistakes are you making at the expense of your clients?
  4. Are your Clients being properly served?
  5. What are your income/revenue goals and will you achieve the results you are anticipating in the next Twelve Months?
  6. Do you have a road map to success?
  7. Are you or your personnel happy about your career development to date?

Performance Realty Solutions is a Commercial Real Estate results based training company created to provide the strongest and most practical knowledge foundation for the new or inexperienced commercial real estate professional. After attending this class room based training, the individual will conduct their commercial real estate business with the highest professional authority, credibility, & integrity. Based upon 30 years of commercial real estate experience in all aspects of the industry, this training will elevate their professionalism within the industry and translate into a higher level of service, productivity, & commitment to their commercial real estate service clients.

The programs are for anyone in the Commercial Real Estate Industry related to brokerage-sales and leasing, mortgage/finance, and property management.

The programs will help accelerate the individual’s professional development in order to achieve the greatest amount of success in the fastest time possible. There are 5 basic categories of curriculum...

The training is based upon learning the basic principles, practices, procedures, and technical skills of Commercial Real Estate and how to practically apply them to the specific discipline they are working.

The programs will have text based material (course materials), computer & web based learning, along with significant “Role Play”. In addition, there will training on information technology programs that are widely used in the commercial marketplace, along with basic training on Microsoft Office products, Adobe, and website development and exploration. Those that attend the programs will be working on actual commercial real estate documents, such as leases, lease abstracts, RFP’s, agency agreements, commission agreements, marketing plans, environmental & engineering reports, statistical reports reflecting market vacancy & absorption, mortgage documents, property inspection reports, rent rolls, appraisals, etc.

We have various programs from introductory to more advanced curriculum and will customize to the needs and challenges of specific organizations within their respective industry sector.