Bob Canter
Filling the Training Void . . . Bob Canter launched Performance Realty Solutions to fill a training void in the commercial real estate industry. He is a commercial real estate expert with more than 30 years of knowledge and know-how who can show you how to open new doors in a complex, multifaceted field.

Bob has managed hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions and generated millions in commissions. With 30+ years of experience, he has grown with the commercial real estate business from before the age of technology to the present era of IT and web-based business applications and fully understands how to implement the benefits that technology has brought to the Industry.

Prior to starting Performance Realty Solutions, Bob was the Sales Training Director and in-house commercial real estate expert for Costar Group, Inc., the publicly traded IT commercial real estate information company. Costar is the leading provider of commercial real estate information and software internationally. In his 30 years, Bob has managed numerous commercial real estate agents and sales offices, always producing top results in every office.

Why Work With Bob Canter? Bob is the Sales Training Authority and a Master Coach in the commercial real estate industry. Aside from his proven results and lucrative success stories, he has weathered five major economic recessions
including the early 1990’s real estate collapse. Bob’s real estate acumen enabled him to navigate through the toughest economic waters, to emerge as one of the Industry’s most successful commercial real estate professionals.

Time and time again, past trainees share these reasons for working with Bob Canter:
Reason #1: Greater knowledge about the practical side of the business, how to really understand what's going on in your industry, and how to handle the everyday obstacles that confront you.
Reason #2: Less anxiety about getting started and keeping your momentum.
Reason #3: Faster and better results from investing in yourself and using new tools to build confidence and earn more.

Client Speak
From Jim Meyer . . . as a 20-year career sale professional, I have been through many sales

training programs and want to comment on the value of the training that Bob Canter delivers. Most of my prior training was just an overview with little time spent learning the customer's perspective and with no in-depth background of the industry or the players in the industry.

Bob does a fantastic job educating us on how the industry works, who the customers are, what their needs and interests are, and how what we do can positively impact their businesses. His practical approach and role playing exercises made it much easier for me to absorb the information.

Bob's training gave me an understanding of what specific probing questions need to be asked and how to tailor solutions that meet each prospect's specific needs. I think that this training has provided a fantastic foundation for me to be successful in the field quickly.

I am certain that I will need to continue to work on my industry knowledge, but with the foundation that I have received here, I am very confident that I have the tools to be successful. Kudos to Bob Canter!