Learning commercial real estate by "trial and error" is costly. Waiting for results to "happen" depletes your confidence, enthusiasm, and resources. How are other professionals making lucrative earnings in commercial real estate?

  1. What am I doing to develop new business; how many deals don't close?
  2. How do I match the right properties to the right prospects?
  3. What steps do successful sales agents use to qualify and nurture prospects?
  4. How do I navigate among the different commercial property types?
  5. How will I strengthen my sales and transactional skills?
  6. Can I make more money on leasing commissions, or do I stay focused on sale transactions?
  7. Am I working smart? What knowledge and training is missing that is holding me back from potential earnings?

Benefit from 30 Years of Commercial Real Estate Know-How . . . Increase your potential to earn $100,000 this year with Bob Canter's 5-Step Commercial Real Estate Sales Training Program. Bob is a 30-year veteran of commercial real estate. He has managed large investment sales of over $100 million as well as leasing transactions that span millions of square feet of commercial space.

Past Trainees Say. . . "Bob coaches you on the fast-track. His program has provided a strong foundation for me to be successful very quickly. It's more than just a course. Bob is the ultimate resource for commercial real estate."

"I wanted to say thanks for introducing your “5 Steps to Success” CRE training program to me and my Company. The program for my Rookies has already exceeded my expectations, as it has paid for itself just in the first week alone.

In the first week of the program you immediately helped two of the 6 agents taking the training, as one agent saved a deal that was deemed dead, and the other won a new assignment all as a result of what they learned within the program.

I would highly recommend your training program to any CRE firm that has new or inexperienced agents. "

Rory Coakley, President
Coakley Realty

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